Current Conditions at Columbus, MT

Current Weather Conditions at Columbus, MT

As of: 08/14/18 6:45a

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Outside Temperature: 52.7F Wind: N at 0.0 mph
In Door Temperature: 73.1  Wind Chill: 52.7F 
Barometer: 29.874 in and Steady High Wind Speed 12.0 at 1:38a
Humidity: 94%   10 Minute Average Wind Speed 0.0
Today's Rain: 0.06 in Low Monthly Wind Chill 44.0
Storm Total: 0.07 in Low Yearly Wind Chill -28.0
Soil Temperature 173.0 Soil Moisture 1 200

Out Side Temperatures


Wind Details

High Outside Temperature 52.7 at 12:59a High Monthly Wind Speed 29.0
Low Outside Temperature 52.5 at 6:36a High Yearly Wind Speed 38.0
High Monthly Outside Temp 102.5 Wind Direction in degrees 9
Low Monthly Outside Temp 44.0 Wind Direction sector N
High Yearly Outside Temp 102.5

Rain Details

Low Yearly Outside Temp -25.6 Daily Rain 0.06


  Storm Rain 0.07
Inside Temperature 73.1 Monthly Rain 0.40
High Inside Temperature 74.5 at 12:00a Yearly Rain 15.82
Low Inside Temperature 73.1 at 6:37a Current Rain Rate 0.00
High Monthly Inside Temp 82.5 High Rain Rate 1.13
Low Monthly Inside Temp 70.2 High Hourly Rain Rate 1.13 at 12:58a
High Yearly Inside Temp 83.7 High Monthly Rain Rate 1.62
Low Yearly Inside Temp 54.3 High Yearly Rain Rate 15.16
High Soil Moisture 1 200 at 12:00a High Soil Temperature 1 75.0 at 12:00a 
Low Soil Moisture 1 200 at 12:00a Low Soil Temperature 1 73.0 at 5:48a 




High Barometer29.917 at 1:01a Air Density 0.0764
Low Barometer 29.840 at 1:34a THW Index 53.0
Low Monthly Barometer 29.530 Inside Dew Point 48.6
High Monthly Barometer 30.123 High Inside Humidity 42 at 4:42a 
Low Yearly Barometer 29.215 Low Inside Humidity 40 at 12:00a 
High Yearly Barometer 30.933 Weather Forecast  
Barometer TrendSteady  Increasing clouds with little temperature change.  
Outside Dew Point   Outside Humidity  
Outside Dew point51.0 Out Side Humidity 94  
High dew point 54.0 at 1:05a High Humidity 94 at 5:55a  
Low dew point   49.0 at 12:08a Low  Humidity 71 at 12:33a  
Low Monthly Dew Point 33.0 High Monthly Humidity 96
High Monthly Dew Point 68.0 Low Monthly Humidity 9
High Yearly Dew Point 74.0  High Yearly Humidity 100 
Low Yearly Dew point -31.0   Low Yearly Humidity
Latitude 45 36' 49" N  Longitude 109 16' 22" W  Elevation 3815 ft  

Sunrise: 6:17a     Sunset: 8:26p

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