Display of all Davis Weather Station Variables


Date on the PC 10/08/12 Time on the PC 9:38p
Date on the Station 10/08/12 Time on the Station 7:15p
UTC Date 10/09/12 UTC Time 3:38a
Station Name Cabin_VP2  City  Fort Peck  Elevation  2290 ft   Latitude  47 58' 45" N  Longitude 106 30' 25" W
Inside Temperature 71.6F 
High Inside Temperature 71.6F at 6:27p
Low Inside Temperature 67.7F at 5:08a
High Monthly Inside Temp 76.3F 
Low Monthly Inside Temp 61.9F 
High Yearly Inside Temp 89.6F 
Low Yearly Inside Temp 45.7F 
Time of High Inside Temp 6:27pF 
Time of Low Inside Temp 5:08aF 
Barometer 29.902 in 
Barometer Trend Rising Rapidly 
High Barometer 29.902 in at 7:14p
Low Barometer 29.655 in at 12:14a
Low Monthly Barometer 29.449 in 
High Monthly Barometer 30.435 in 
Low Yearly Barometer 29.011 in 
High Yearly Barometer 30.736 in 
Outside Temperature 42.2F 
High Outside Temperature 51.0F at 12:00a
Low Outside Temperature 42.2F at 7:12p
High Monthly Outside Temp 73.7F 
Low Monthly Outside Temp 30.6F 
High Yearly Outside Temp 98.0F 
Low Yearly Outside Temp -18.4F 
Time of High Outside Temp 12:00aF 
Time of Low Outside Temp 7:12pF 
Wind Speed 0.0 mph 
10 Minute Average Wind Speed 0.0 mph 
High Wind Speed 0.0 mph at ----
High Monthly Wind Speed 0.0 mph 
High Yearly Wind Speed 50.0 mph 
Wind Direction in degrees 345 
Wind Direction sector NNW 
Wind Chill 42.2F 
Low Wind Chill 42.0F at 7:03p
Low Monthly Wind Chill 31.0F 
Low Yearly Wind Chill -38.0F 
Inside Humidity 28%  
High Inside Humidity 35% at 4:53a
Low Inside Humidity 26% at 2:13p
High Monthly Inside Humidity 35%  
Low Monthly Inside Humidity 26%  
High Yearly Inside Humidity 59%  
Low Yearly Inside Humidity 10%  
Daily Rain 0.00 in 
Storm Rain 0.00 in 
Monthly Rain 0.25 in 
Yearly Rain 5.16 in 
Sunrise Time 7:17a 
Sunset Time 6:30p 
Outside Humidity 35%  
High Humidity 38% at 2:27a
Low Humidity 34% at 2:01p
High Monthly Humidity 40%  
Low Monthly Humidity 33%  
High Yearly Humidity 40%  
Low Yearly Humidity 30%  
Outside Dew Point 16.5F 
High Dew Point 25.0F at 12:00a
Low Dew Point 16.0F at 6:58p
High Monthly Dew Point 44.0F 
Low Monthly Dew Point 8.0F 
High Yearly Dew Point 64.0F 
Low Yearly Dew Point -37.0F 
Current Rain Rate 0.00 in/hr 
High Rain Rate 0.00 in/hr at ----
High Hourly Rain Rate 0.00 in/hr 
High Monthly Rain Rate 0.02 in/hr 
High Yearly Rain Rate 0.66 in/hr 
Outside Heat Index 40.7F 
High Heat Index 51.0F at 12:00a
High Monthly Heat Index 72.0F 
High Yearly Heat Index 102.0F 
THW Index 40.7F 
EMC 7.2% 
Air Density 0.0788 lb/cu.ft 
Daily ET --- in 
Monthly ET --- in 
Yearly ET --- in 

Inside Dew Point 36.8 F 

Inside Heat Index 68.4F